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AWARDS NIGHTS - Having worked with many clients before, always the client brief was to create an event that didn’t incorporate activities used previously. We believe the deciding factor stemmed from the challenge being an old event solutions company, for us is not always easy and that any of our team of creative individuals has always faced challenges in every events we handles.

The client offered the challenge of a multi activity events. Our event team worked around the clock to design, work, build and purchase the materials needed to create the props and element needed in the events. Each department is structured so to commit and delegates the requirements to overcome the given challenges.

Our professional heads of each department worked around the clock each day in order to accomplish the work as soon as possible that is much more challenging than it sounds! Whist being guided by our onsite Event Managers, each of the team showed the ability to problem solve and work as part of a team whilst engaging in excellent skills.

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