Band tours and concerts requirements:

  1. Band Backline Support

  2. Studio Sound System & PA System

  3. Professional Sound Systems

  4. Professional Lightings Systems

CONCERTS & BAND TOURS - From design, planning and construction of the events to an entire band tours with over 10 years of practice and an abundance of events experience, we’re confident when it comes to providing quality, engaging, and memorable event experiences.

Creativexponent has played parts in making band tour and concerts come to reality for hundreds of thousands of concert goers and band fanatics across UAE. We understand the importance of audience engagement and with our extensive digital services we can help you achieve your band tour goals. From quaint and quirky to stunning and sophisticated, we can help you find that special place to begin your new adventure. 

You can contact us to discuss your band tour and concert, whether you require centrepiece advice or full sound and lighting, we have a solution available for you. Our unrivaled industry experience, venue partner network, and range of event products and services makes us the preferred events partner. By addressing your band’s needs and incorporating our partnerships with our suppliers we assured you that you’re in good hands.

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  1. LED Walls

  2. Video Projection Systems

  3. Staging & Trussing