Band tours and concerts requirements:

  1. Interactive Whiteboards

  2. Wireless Presentation Systems

  3. Visualizers

  4. Seminars & Training

  5. Shareholder Meetings

MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES - This is where our expertise in providing you our audio visual team and in-house design specialists can complement our AV solution to deliver a conference or meeting that exceeds expectations. Specialising in audio visual, staging, and lighting, you can count on our audio visual technicians and event production team to transform your meeting or conference into a truly engaging experience.


Whether you need a audio visual equipment for a boardroom meeting, or the full suite of event services for a  conference we have the technical equipment, creative ideas and expert crew to make your professional event stand-out. We proudly offer expert audio visual digital engagement and multimedia design services specialised for conferences and meetings. Our contemporary approach to corporate event production is providing solutions that move beyond just presenters on stage and toward fully designed environments where all event elements work in harmony to create an immersive experience.

We create new ways to excite, inspire and engage your conference or meeting attendees with the latest event digital  technology solutions. Our range of digital services allows immediate engagement with your audience, providing an inclusive atmosphere for your guests and interactive ways to gather feedback from your conference or meeting.

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  1. Board Meetings

  2. Sales & Distributors Meetings

  3. Town Hall Meetings

  4. Sales & Marketing Conferences

  5. Press Conferences