Events Concept, Planning & Execution

Stage Coordination & Direction

Concept, Design & implementation

Musical Show & Music Festivals

Theater Play, Dance & Music Recitals

Advertising Campaign & Promotion

Live Band Concert & Music Tour

Special Events, Wedding & Birthdays

Corporate Events, Meeting & Conferences

Public Speaking & Presentation

Seminars & General Assembly

Product Launching & Fashion Shows 


Our design and technical team to help you to create great solutions to meet the demands and tackle the challenges posed by the complexity of wide and variety of applications ranging from special events, corporate events, conferences, sports coverage, theatrical events, weddings, and concerts. We work as your trusted partner to deliver your event. We thoroughly prepare and test every element of your event, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters to you, knowing the production is sorted. We have an extraordinary team, who are easy to work with and lots of fun, but who take their work very seriously and won't rest until the event has been delivered to perfection. Our team are committed to quality and bring a professional, proactive attitude to every aspect of our service.

Trade Fair, Motor Show & Exhibitions

Programming & Recording

Web, Internet Video Broadcasting

Cinema & Social Halls

Concert & Live Band Backline Support

Lighting Systems & Lighting Effects

Staging, Trusses & Crowd Control Barrier

Intellabeams & Lazer Lights

Studio Sound System & DJ Mobile Setup

Fog Machines, Confetti & Pyrotechnics

Office, Schools & Churches

Club, Restaurants & Amusement Parks


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