Also called as temporary or removable fence. It has been widely used in various field of events & show to control and manage crowd....crowd_control.html
Creativexponent supply stands and accessories to cater your needs and help you to avoid of rare accessories hunting. Just contact us and we’ll find your needs... stands_%26_accessories.html
STANDS & ACCESSORIESstands_%26_accessories.html
STAGING & PLATFORMstage_platform.html
We offer a large selection of rental equipment for all your staging needs with manpower to set it all up for you....stage_platform.html
Creativexponent provides the trussing for concerts, parties, performances any kinds of events without limitation....truss_%26_beams.html
TRUSS & BEAMStruss_%26_beams.html
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Our are technical and operational experts, designers knows how to get things done, and just as importantly how to deal with the pressure of a live event. We thoroughly prepare and check every element of your event just to be sure that all production needs is sorted.

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